Summer 2022 Seasonal Talk #4
Date: Friday, August 5
Time: 11:00am – 1:30 p.m. MT
Location: Kenosha Pass, Colorado Trail Section #6 Trailhead, Forest Rd 849, Jefferson, CO 80456
Guest Speakers: Greg Ragland, Brandon Vogt, and Iddo Aharony

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Guest Speakers

Greg Ragland is an associate professor of integrative biology at the University of Colorado, Denver. He studies how various critters, mainly insects, respond and evolve in response to changing environments. Burning questions include how bugs achieve suspended animation during hibernation, how they know when to ‘wake up’, and how arctic and alpine bugs stay in their happy place at extremely low temperatures. His work has included collaborations with agencies in the US, Austria, and Greece to better understand emerging crop pests and outbreaks of forest pests. When not out chasing critters, Greg thinks about how best to support students studying in the sciences through experiential learning and enhancing sense of identity and belonging in the classroom.

Brandon Vogt is an Associate Professor and Graduate Director in the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies at University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Within physical geography, Dr. Vogt’s research focuses on understanding the ways in which landsurface texture interacts with earth surface and atmospheric processes. Mountain weather and microclimate drive his passion in this area. His current research focus seeks to unravel some of the nuances of lightning’s interaction with topography. Dr. Vogt teaches courses in physical geography, geomorphology, meteorology, microclimate, a capstone snow and ice course in Silverton, Colorado, and co-teaches a course that explores how sound informs landscape. He emphasizes experiential learning and other high-impact educational practices and is especially proud of the ways in which he extends art into science.

Iddo Aharony is a composer and sound-artist whose diverse body of work spans a wide variety of instrumentations, media, and interdisciplinary collaborations. In his work, he is interested in exploring the myriad intersections of sound, environment, culture, and technology. His music incorporates sounds from acoustic instruments, field recordings of natural and urban environments, found objects, and synthesis, along with real-time interactive electronic processing of these sounds. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and is currently an Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Colorado College.

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This project is produced by Black Cube with support by a CRCW grant for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs