Site-specific installation, 2011

A site-specific installation created for La Galería de Comercio. LGdC is a public exhibition space located at the North East corner of Comercio and Martí streets, in Escandón district, in México City, behind the school Miguel F Martínez, half a corner away from Escandón market, in front of the beer pub “Martí” and Morelos public garden, one block away from Patriotismo Avenue, and three blocks far from Patriotiismo subway station. Each exhibition has a project budget of 500 Pesos -or- 39.00 US Dollars.

For THE SPOT, this money was changed into 50 cent gold Peso coins and buried in a metal box somewhere in Mexico City. A treasure map was drawn and posted without explanation at the corner of Comercio and Martí streets on 30 May, 2011. At this time the treasure remains undiscovered.