Site-specific performance, 2012

Excerpt from “8501 to 11400 (On Moving)” show card from exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Cleveland:

For one hour every Sunday afternoon during the exhibition, two actors … will don sandwich boards and perform in the street, setting the stage for unexpected encounters. Positioned outside the current facility, one actor will announce “The End is Nigh!” while the other, standing near the new building’s constructions site, will declare “A New Beginning is Imminent!” …

While performing, each actor will also distribute a hand-lettered brochure to passers-by. The text consists of testimonials about MOCA by audience members, though the museum is never named, and the actors will never specify the subject of their proclamations. Impassioned, yet vague, [this] work creates moments of uncertainty, prompting broader reflection on the forces of social, economic, and spiritual change.

Performances will take place on Sundays from 12:30-1:30pm, starting on January 29 and ending on March 24. The actors will be situated on sidewalks outside of 8501 Carnegie Avenue and 11400 Euclid Avenue.



Robert Branch, John Riddlebaugh

Paul Sobota Photography

Christopher Auerbach-Brown

Jessica Langley, Megan Lykins-Reich, Kate Montlack, Indra Lacis, Ray Juaire