Text installation, 2018

“Kick The Clouds” is temporary, text-based billboard produced by Janks Archive for The City Billboard in Greensboro, North Carolina.

About the text:

“Kick The Clouds” is an English translation of the Lithuanian spardyk debesis. This traditional Lithuanian saying is the equivalent of telling someone to “get lost” – basically telling them to go do something impossible. We learned this phrase in Kaunas, Lithuania in January, 2016 during a collection event for the Janks Archive project.


About The City Billboard:

Located in Greensboro North Carolina, The City Billboard is a collaboration between UNCG’s Greensboro Project Space and The Forge. The City Billboard provides local artists, international artists, and community members a megaphone into the city of Greensboro. Highly visible on the corner of Eugene Street/Gate City Boulevard intersection, 36,000 daily commuters will be greeted with a curated rotation of surprisingly uplifting, humorous and thought-provoking texts.