Exhibition >> Our Valley Speaks

A Popwalk Virtual Exhibition, curated by David Lindsay
Sanpete Valley, Utah
Opening May 29, 2021

If the earth beneath your feet could speak, what might it tell you? What would you ask of its memories and thousands of lifetimes? The exhibition Our Valley Speaks: A Sanpete Experience amplifies the myriad voices of the valley, connecting audiences to the sacred and the historic, the past and future heartbeat of this magnificent landscape.

Artists from Utah and beyond will share stories of local sites that contain magic and meaning. Historians will speak of the influential people and places that have shaped the lore and culture of Sanpete Valley. Personal recollections and family chronicles will illustrate the profound connection to the land felt by the region’s people. And the rocks, birds and plants of Utah’s bounty will also play their part in enriching and joining the exhibition to the endless skies and vistas.

Visitors can download the Popwalk app to their smartphones, which will guide them to the locations where these tales will be told in situ. The entire valley will become a natural amphitheatre—a connective, living museum without walls or limits. Twenty-first century technology and the ancient terrain will be brought together, becoming a portal to understanding and appreciation for the power of the landscape and those who have left its legacies to us. In a sense, participants will not only be learning about what and who went before them, they’ll be leaving something of themselves and their adventures in Sanpete Valley for later generations of travelers.