EVENT >> Janks Archive in Askeaton, Ireland


Janks Archive Collection Event with Askeaton Contemporary Arts
December 20, 6:00-9:00 PM
Askeaton, Co. Limerick, Ireland


Janks Archive is an ongoing investigation of insult humour from around the world. Stemming from the word “Janks,” a colloquial term from Southern Alabama, this ever-expanding global project, with its members Jessica Langley and Ben Kinsley, appear in Askeaton to discover its local variations on this theme.

Why study insult humor? Janks Archive note that “Insults are an ancient oral tradition embedded within the collective consciousness of a culture or region with inherent ties to human social evolution. In this time of great political upheaval and xenophobia, we are driven to increase more understanding of something which on the surface seems antagonistic, but rather might be an invitation for exchange and mutual understanding.” In Mexico, Albures is a verbal game of double entendre. In Italy, Stornelli is a form of insulting folk poetry, while in Finland you might Heittää Herjaa. Encounter the project at events and on the streets of Askeaton from December 20.