Performance and video, 2008

A two-part project by Ben Kinsley and Jon Rubin that brought together a medieval battle society (Angaron) with a fantasy metal band (Colossus).

Part one of this project consisted of a live performance, in front of the Mattress Factory Museum during opening night, in which Angaron is summoned forth from a parked Uhaul truck to fight to the live music of Colossus who happens to be performing in an adjacent truck. This 3 hour performance was presented using the conceptual and organizational structure of a music video shoot; complete with props, multiple camera operators, theatrical lighting, smoke machines, traffic controlling police officers and the start and stop direction found in commercial video production.

Part two of the project consisted of the screening and selling of the resulting music video in the museum’s gift shop as well as the distribution of dvd copies by Colossus and Angaron for self-promotional purposes.




Chris Beauregard, Greg Witt

Ben Bigelow, Joey Hayes, Spencer Longo, Michael Pisano

Lauren Adams, Jake Peterson, Owen Smith