Assistant Professor of New Media / Time-Based Art, Department of Visual and Performing Arts
Fall 2017-Present

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Art in Time & Space
Explores time and space in the creation, perception, exhibition, and performance in contemporary art practice: audio, film, performance, and visual art. Examines experimental and traditional art forms, historical and contemporary theories, and collaborations across a variety of creative and cultural contexts.

Digital Foundations
Introduction to digital media and the electronic art studio. Explores essential concepts of working digitally in 2D, 3D, and 4D. Emphasis is on technical fluency with a variety of digital platforms, software, and tools including digital photography, digital imaging, animation, and 3D modeling. Prerequisite to all 2000, 3000, and 4000 VA courses.

Digital Art & Design
Spring 2019

This course explores techniques of non-photographic Digital Imaging, and the use of the computer as both medium and tool in digital art & design production. Students will work with a range of software, hardware, and tools with an emphasis on graphic design principles and physical outputs. The emphasis of this semester’s course takes the form of a real-world public art commission. Our class has been selected by Ent Credit Union to propose, develop, fabricate, and install a mural in the University Center’s Ent Credit Union Branch. More details about budget, timeline, and deliverables will be provided. Topics/technical skills we will cover include: 3D modeling, vector graphics, Digital Fabrication (laser cutting, 3D printing), publication design/layout, and creation of professional presentations.

Video Art
This studio course is an historical, aesthetic, and technical introduction to contemporary media art and its representations of time. Emphasis will be on experimental approaches over conventional narrative. We will learn a variety of tools and approaches to time-based art practices through a range of conceptual and stylistic approaches including: animation, appropriation, narrative, and abstraction. We will explore the history of video from its inception in the 1960’s through contemporary practices.


Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Art (Studio)
Spring 2014

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Introduction to Photography
Spring 2014
The emphasis of this introductory photography course is to give students a strong foundational background in photography. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of technical and aesthetic concerns involved in making photographs, including: aperture, depth of field, camera handling, digital file formats, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Bridge, and large-format digital printing. Beyond the acquisition of skills, the central goal is to enable you as a student to see differently. To this end, the class will be structured around lectures, assignments and discussion that will examine the historical and contemporary significance of the photographic image as well as technical demonstrations and critique.

Studio Art Foundations
Spring 2014
Directed at both non-art majors and minors, Studio Art Foundation (SAF) is a basic introduction to artistic practice in contemporary culture. Through an interdisciplinary approach and a technical understanding of multiple mediums, the course crosses borders between two-dimensional, three-dimensional and time based artistic disciplines. Campus wide events (lectures, concerts, exhibitions) are used as points of departure in the class to emphasize the critical nature of art making with other content areas of study, theory and research.


Professorial Lecturer of Media/New Practices, Department of Art
Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

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Artist’s Perspective: Video Art
Spring 2013
An introduction to contemporary video art and its representations of time, this course emphasizes experimental approaches over conventional narrative. Projects involve shooting and editing individual video assignments for class critiques and developing personal moving image art projects. Examples of artists’ film and video are screened and discussed in the context of readings and written assignments.

Time-Based Studio
Spring 2013
This class develops individual moving image art projects through group critiques, class discussion of texts and screenings, and studio lab time. Students become familiar with a variety of time-based contemporary art and their discourses, including video and performance, experimental and avant-garde film, media installation, and social practice.


Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Art
Fall 2010 – Spring 2012

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Concept Studio III: Systems and Processes
Spring 2012
This course is a continuation of Concept Studios I and II with a focus on systems and process. The utility, discovery, and the generation of systems and processes are addressed through projects, exercises and research. This course will be run as a combination studio and seminar.

Concept Studio II: Time and Space
Fall 2011
A continuation of Concept Studio I with a focus on space and time through projects of increasing complexity. Such topics as biological time, historical time, psychological time, celestial time, clock time, and public space, private space, mathematical space, and virtual space are addressed through projects. This course will be run as a combination studio and seminar.

Electronic Media Studio II: Intro to Video
Spring 2011
This studio course is a historical, aesthetic, and technical introduction to the use of digital audio & video for creative expression and experimentation.



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Drury University
Summer Institute for Visual Arts Visiting Artist Fellowship, June 2015
MART 633-636 Visiting Artist Studios I-IV affords the second and third year cohorts of students the opportunity to work directly with Visiting Artist Fellows toward a student derived agenda in accordance with individual intentions, determined by collaborative discussion with cohort artists and the teaching faculty. These courses are listed as MART 631-632 and MART 633-634 in alternating summers. Second and third year student artists are required to take each of these courses in any order for a total of 12 hours. Must be taken concurrently with MART 623 Theory & Criticism II (in the second year) or MART 652 Artist Thesis (in the third year).


Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar
2015 Tasmeem Art & Design Festival, March 2015


BEAM Camp & BEAM Center
Projects by students from workshops given at BEAM Camp and BEAM Center, 2013-2014


Mattress Factory Museum’s Artist-School Partnership 
North Allegheny Senior High, 2011


Bennington College
Visiting Artist project and exhibition with students of Professor James Voorhies’ “Take It Outside: Art in Public Space” course, 2010